19 Nov

Most people just read some materials on vaginal dryness, but you find out what some women know about it, you would discover they have experienced it besides knowing something about it.  Although vaginal dryness is something women experience at some moments in life, the condition doesn't come with the same effects in all women. If you have ever experienced vaginal dryness and you didn't take any action, it is advisable to visit a reputable urogynecologist like Dr. Lotze and seek medical advice.   Looking at the various side effects of this problem among many women, you would discover that it greatly affects their intercourse appetite.

Most of the women with this condition experience a high level of discomfort and pain during intercourse.   Most women with vaginal dryness can't withstand the pain that comes due to friction, and the only way is abstaining from intercourse. It is quite sad that this health problem has caused a lot of issues in most marriages and relationships.   Any woman experiencing vaginal dryness should talk to a qualified urogynecologist and have the problem treated.

Many urogynecologists from www.petermlotzemd.com are keen to note that women experiencing high-stress levels in life are likely to suffer from vaginal dryness.  Stress comes from different causes, and they are sometimes inevitable in life.   One thing you can't rule out is that your hormonal levels would not be the same as long as you stay stressed.  It is good to embrace the fact that your estrogen levels won't stay normal if you are facing stressful moments.  If you keep postponing the issues of seeing a competent urogynecologist, you may eventually make the situation worse.

Some women aren't aware that some of the medicines and drugs they take for various reasons may affect their reproductive health in a great way.   Once you go to an experienced urogynecologist due to vaginal dryness, the professional may discover that the drugs you take have contributed a lot to this problem.  Before you take some drugs such as those that boost serotonin levels, you need to talk to your doctor to get the right advice.

 Be free to disclose anything you know you did somewhere, which you speculate to be the cause of the problem.   Most urogynecologists agree that there are rare solutions for vaginal dryness that comes due to menopause.  With different types of quality lubricants and moisturizers in the market today, it is important to continue enjoying intercourse.  Some women fight vaginal dryness using natural methods, and it has worked for them. Read more by visiting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminine_hygiene.

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